Our wolf dogs




Neïs and Nahele have arrived at the Pyramid!
Our Saarloos wolf dogs will make you fall in love….



The Saarloos is a great companion dog, but let’s be clear: he has no taste or aptitude for work, despite his legendary intelligence!

He is very quiet and attached to us, however he will always have a reserve towards strangers. It is important to socialize him well from an early age: if the reserve of the Saarloos makes its charm, it can also turn into a nightmare for his master if it is not a minimum under control.

Another of its characteristics is undoubtedly its pack instinct, directly inherited from its wolf ancestor. Concretely, this means that it has an almost vital need for canine companionship. The Saarloos’ inability to handle loneliness is particularly acute in puppies, and diminishes with age.

If the necessary conditions are met, the Saarloos is an exceptional companion dog, very peaceful with other breeds of dogs and children. Although he barks very little and is never aggressive, his imposing and dissuasive appearance makes him an excellent “passive guard” dog. He will fit in as well in a quiet family, where he will love to sit on the couch in front of the TV on Sundays, as in a sportive family that he will accompany in jogging or cani-vtt.

He is a very special dog who asks for a lot of attention and a lot of love!