Eating out

A picnic area is at your disposal with outdoor tables, as well as indoor tables for the chilly ones!

You can bring your own picnic on site, and we also offer different products to eat.

Salty side:

Breads:  €2.50 each (mozzarella tomato, tuna onions, sausage cheese, bacon cream, ham cheese, cheese)
Galettes:  €2.50 each (cheese ham, goat bacon, salmon vegetables)
Quiches lorraines:  €2.50 each

Sweet side:

Ice cream cones:  2 € per unit (vanilla, caramel, lemon meringue, coffee, crème brulée, rum, raspberry whipped cream)
Frosted oranges:  3 € each
Chocolate cake:  3 € each

Cold drinks: 2 €
Coffee: 2 €
Tea: 2 €