On the Tracks of the Wolf

The association “Sur les Traces du Loup”,
a dynamic association!

The association was created in 2012 and has more than sixty members and nearly 500 supporters (statutes…)

In order to communicate the importance of protecting endangered species, to exchange opinions and to awaken the youngest to the protection and safeguarding of the environment and biodiversity, the association has set itself three missions:

  • Raise awareness of threatened species among the general public by developing activities that can relate to them, such as the Wolf Pyramid, which has been open to the public since May 2018.
  • Collaborate with other associations working to save endangered species. The aim is to establish partnerships to exchange information on the conservation of endangered species and to present this data to the public. These partnerships are also intended to create an emulsion between the different entities and to set up a national or even international network.
  • Undertake any action to protect and safeguard the environment and the animal world: this implies keeping abreast of laws concerning the protection of species and global actions for the environment, actions in the field, participation in conferences, carrying out eco-volunteering missions, monitoring training, financial participation in safeguard plans.

To join the association “Sur les traces du loup”, you can complete the membership form or join online (in the right-hand column). You will be able to receive our newsletters and be kept informed of the various events throughout the year.