Night of the stars

The NIGHT of the Stars 2019 at La Pyramide du Loup
with APEX 89

Our program in the middle of the constellations
to the Wolf Pyramid!

The Night of the Stars at the Pyramid of the Wolf in connection with APEX89! On Saturday, August 3 at the Pyramid of the Wolf, an evening dedicated to observing the planets. Specialists from the APEX89 (Association d’Astronomes Amateurs de l’Yonne) will come with their equipment to reveal the secrets of our starry sky…

Saturday, August 3rd from 3pm
Look at the sun like you’ve never seen it before and enjoy the APEX 89 photo booth.

Appointment Saturday, August 3rd from 10pm
Night is coming… come and admire the planets and the sky alongside specialists.
If the weather is bad, a conference with projection will be held under the dome of the Pyramid of the Wolf.

For further information:

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